Monday, 22 April 2019

Estonians have a strong sense of civic duty

A recent survey conducted by the Baltic Research Institute has shown that volunteering is widespread in Estonia and is gaining in popularity. The comparative study showed that five years ago 31% of people living in Estonia donated their time to a worthy cause, in 2018 that figure had risen to 49%. This means every second person in Estonia has volunteered in the past year.

The following areas have the largest numbers of volunteers: promotion of local life (42%), environmental protection and nature conservation (34%), education and research (23%), sports and fitness (23%) and animal welfare (20%). The most popular activities are upkeep and maintenance work (33%) and event organisation (15%).

Friday, 19 April 2019

Skywheel is Tallinn's newest tourist attraction

Located on top of the T1 Mall of Tallinn, the Skywheel Ferris wheel lifts you 120 metres above sea-level where you can enjoy fantastic views of Tallinn, lake Ülemiste and the airport.

Thanks to its smart positioning on top of a hill, on a roof of a shopping centre, the Skywheel is the second highest vantage point in Tallinn, right after the TV-Tower, offering city vistas from a new exciting angle!

The wheel’s weatherproof pods hold up to six people, either sitting or standing, and are accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

Skywheel is open everyday from 10am until 10pm. Tickets costs 10€ each with a discount available when using a Tallinn Card.

Address: Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn. Contact:

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

'Sõnajalaõis' voted most Estonian word

ERR's quest to determine the "most Estonian word" concluded on Sunday, when sõnajalaõis, or "fern blossom," was announced the winner of the final vote. Öö, or "night," and kullakallis, or "precious," came in second and third place, respectively.

"Sõnajalaõis is a fantastic choice," said ERR's Rain Kooli, who came up with the idea for the vote. "It is profoundly Estonian in several respects — as an ethno-mythical concept it involves mystery, a yearning for happiness and general quest through hardship to the stars. With its short, quick syllables and two letter Õs, it is also a very Estonian word in its pronunciation as well."

A total of 7,000 votes were cast in the contest, in which the top five consisted of the words sõnajalaõis ("fern blossom"), öö ("night"), kullakallis ("precious"), pööriöö ("solstice"), and kurat ("devil").

The winning word was announced on ETV's Sunday morning programme Hommik Anuga, where Supernova and Ivo Linna also performed the song "Sõnajalaõis" — whose lyrics, penned by Aapo Ilves, included the words most frequently submitted by voters — set to the tune of "Suur loterii," originally by Rainer Michelson and Urmas Jaarman.

"It was interesting to see that people's choices fell more or less equally into one of two categories, based on either the aural beauty or the actual meaning of the words, but the final result was still a largely ethno-nostalgic list," Mr Ilves said.

2019 marks the Year of the Estonian Language.

Eesti Hümn (Kõigi Eesti Laul 2019)

The Kõigi Eesti Laul concert brought over 10,000 people to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on Sunday. This beautiful event proved that Estonians are ready to look for a common ground and focus on the good values that unite us all.