Friday, 3 January 2014

Memorial Day for the Those Who Fought in the Estonian War of Independence

There are several days in the Estonian calendar which mark pivotal events in the country's history. Today is one of them.  On the 3rd of January 1920 at 10:20am, the ceasefire which marked the end of the Estonian War of Independence was declared. This news was greeted by wild jubilation all across Estonia.

The Estonian Army which fought in the War of Independence consisted purely of volunteers. The war claimed 5,000 Estonian lives and left 15,000 injured. Many Finnish soldiers and the British Royal Navy also aided the Estonians in their quest for freedom.

Memorial services will be held all throughout Estonia today in rememberance of our brave soldiers who secured our beloved country's freedom and independence. All Estonians are deeply grateful for these soldiers' courage, commitment and sacrifice. They will never be forgotten.

The Estonian Army High Command who led Estonia to victory

The very first Estonian Independence Day celebrations in 1920