Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Book - 'Perekonnaloo uurija käsiraamat' - A Guide to Researching Your Family History in Estonia

Tartu University professor and author Aadu Must last week released his newest book Perekonnaloo uurija käsiraamat. The 392 page hardcover book provides readers with a practical and insightful guide into researching family history in Estonia. Must draws on his knowledge as an historian and archivist and reveals the wealth of information preserved in Estonia's archives. The tens of thousands of documents are an invaluable source of information not only for individual family research but also for the history and culture of the entire Estonian nation.

Perekonnaloo uurija käsiraamat is a must for anyone seeking to discover their family history in Estonia. The book is available from all good Estonian book stores.

Aadu Must has been an honorary member of the Estonian Genealogical Society since 2002.