Monday, 3 August 2015

My Muhu Inspired Bench

When I returned home from my trip to Estonia I was very sad to discover that all my plants had died. I had a nice little garden coming along consisting of strawberries, mint, beans, spinach and dill. They were all growly well until I went away for two weeks. I have since replanted and hopefully my garden will spring to life again soon.

In the meanwhile I decided to finish another project I had been working on - my Muhu inspired bench. I was given this old bench some time ago and like many things in life I saw not only what it was but what it potentially could be.

I absolutely love the folk art from Muhu Island with all its colourful flowers set against a black background. I am no artist when it comes to painting but I do like to give things a shot! My bench is far from perfect but I am quite pleased with my first attempt in this area.

How the bench looked when it was first given to me.
It was a dusty / faded green colour.

I sanded it down then painted it with a glossy black outdoor paint.

Using some of the designs from my embrodiery books I created a stencil.
I first painted an undercoat layer then painted a colourful layer over the top.
It's not brilliant but it's always nice to create your own things!