Sunday, 24 January 2016

Today we Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jaan Poska

Today marks the 150th birthday of Jaan Poska, an Estonian barrister and politician who played a pivotal role in securing Estonia's independence. On 24th February 1918, Poska was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. He led the peace talks with Soviet Russia culminating in the Treaty of Tartu which was signed on 2nd February 1920.

Jaan Poska originally began a degree in medicine in 1886 at the University of Tartu before transferring to law a year later.  He was the mayor of Tallinn from 1913 - 1917 and became Governor of Estonia in 1917.  After Estonia declared its independence in 1918 Poska was appointed as its Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Jaan Poska with his wife Constance and children in 1906.  
The couple had nine children altogether, most of whom also became lawyers.

A new €10 coin has been released by Eesti Pank in dedication to his memory.

In  2008 a museum was opened in his former home at  Kadriorg. Jaan-Poska-Museum in Tallinn