Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Estonian Superstitions

The website 'Europe's not dead' has compiled an excellent collection of European superstitions. A few Estonian ones feature among the list, some of which I have never heard of before. It's interesting reading.

'A bride dropping ribbons or money into each room of her house brings good luck while whistling indoors brings bad luck…'

Estonians share most of their superstitions with Latvians and Lithuanians. Then a knife dropped on the floor heralds also in Estonia a visit by a male person, and a bag laid on the floor is also an omen for loss of money. It is in Estonia also really not recommended to shake hands at the doorsteps or whistle indoors. It is said that a baby born on the last day of the week will marry late in life or never marry at all. If you eat a cake and a piece of it falls down then you won’t get married. As the bride enters her new home, she should be led through every part of the house while she drops ribbons or money into each room; doing this will guarantee happiness to the newlyweds. Another common custom occurs when two people say the same thing at the same time. Both parties must instantly make a wish, lock pinky fingers and count to three out loud. After ‘three,’ each person says either ‘Adomas’ or ‘Iewa’ (Adam or Eve); if you both say the same thing – your wishes come true.

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