Saturday, 20 August 2016

A look at the Estonian national team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

While the Estonia team may not be bringing home as many medals as they did in previous years, many of the athletes have surpassed their personal bests and set new Estonian records. On Thursday Rasmus Mägi did just that by completing the men's 400m hurdle race in just 48.40 seconds! Great effort!

Here are some of the other results of Team Estonia:

3rd place - Men's rowing - Kaspar Taimsoo, Tonu Endrekson, Allar Raja, & Andrei Jamsa.
4th place - Epee women's fencing - Irina Embrich, Erika Kirpu, Julia Beljajeva, & Kristina Kuusk.
4th place - discus - Martin Kupper
5th place. - discus - Gerd Kanter
5th place- wrestling - Heiki Nabi
6th place  - long jump - Ksenija Balta
6th place - hurdling - Rasmus Mägi
7th place - weight lifting - Mart Seim
8th place - fencing -  Nikolai Novosjolov
9th place - cycling - Tanel Kanger
10th place - fencing - Irina Embrich
11th place - sailing -Ingrid Puusta
12th place - fencing - Erika Kirpu

Then there are the Luik sisters who made history by being the first set of triples to ever compete at the Olympic Games in the marathon. Their names will forever be etched in history in the Guinness World History book. Luik sisters