Friday, 7 April 2017

5 exciting new attractions coming soon to Estonia

Estonia has always been a country full of pleasant surprises. With each visit comes the opportunity to discover something wonderful and new. During the next few years Estonia will be opening a range of exciting new attractions making, the country even more appealing than before. Here are five of the best:

1. Skypark  - Giant Ferris Wheel 

Due to open October 2018, the giant Ferris wheel stands at 120 metres tall and will be the largest public object displaying the EV100 logo. The Ferris wheel will be part of the 6,000 square metre Skypark complex, featuring large indoor trampolines, various ball games, a 4D cinema and science centre.

2. Sea Star Centre 

Meritäht Dirhamis
Meritäht /Seastar

The 'Meritäht' / 'Sea Star' complex will be Estonia's first multi-functional marine centre under one roof. Due to open in 2019, it will include an ocean fish aquarium, water park, adventure park, science centre, a diving centre and an indoor beach.

3.Kosmopark (Space Park) 

The Kosmo Park in Põltsamaa is set to be the largest indoor space-themed amusement park in the Baltic region. Due to open in the autumn of 2018, the park will offer a unique combination of wind tunnel and thematic attractions. Experience what it's like to be an astronaut and float in a weightless state, or try the virtual climbing wall. Many adrenalin filled activities await you!

To learn more, you can watch the promo video here: Kosmopark - kosmoseteemaline perepark Põltsamaal

4.Wow Centre Kuresaare

Wow Centre Kuresaare

The Wow Centre is sure to thrill those interested in optical illusions. Here you can experience walking in the rain without getting wet, climb underwater and experiment with space.  The Wow Centre will also include a planetarium, 4-D movie theatre and "Selfiedrome" in which visitors can take pictures of themselves participating in historical and other exciting scenes.  Hours of fun for the entire family!

5. Noblessner Virtual Reality Experience Centre

The Noblessner Virtual Reality Experience Centre will enable visitors to step back in time and experience life in the 19th century. The centre has 15 experience points where you can try everything from a hot air balloon ride to controlling an aircraft.  Use your problem solving abilities to complete tasks in different environments. The centre is set to open in Tallinn by the end of 2018.