Saturday, 10 June 2017

Two extensive history anthologies completed for Estonian centennial - ERR News

Avita Publishers and TEA Publishers held a joint book launch for two new and extensive anthologies designed for the centennial of the Republic of Estonia next year — "History of Estonia" and "Republic of Estonia 100."

TEA Publishers' reference book "Republic of Estonia 100" contains everything essential which characterizes the Republic of Estonia — its statehood, its fight for freedom and the history of the nation state as well as its nature, people, economy and culture, including its cultural traditions.

Avita Publishers' "History of Estonia" focuses on the history of the region, from the establishment of its earliest settlements through today. The work takes a territorial approach to portraying history, however the development of Estonians' national identity is analyzed as well.

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More information about the books can be found here:
TEA Publishers -  Republic of Estonia 100
Avita Publsihers: