Monday, 3 July 2017

Estonian Youth Song and Dance Festival 2017

So much joy filled the streets of Tallinn over the weekend during the 12th Youth Song and Dance Festival. There were many smiles, flowers, Estonian flags and beautiful clothes seen everywhere that it was easy to get carried away by the amazing atmosphere. 

This year's theme of the Youth Song and Dance Celebration is 'Mina Jään'  - Here I`ll stay.

Nearly 40,000 performers shared their love of song, dance and the Estonian homeland at the festival.

Estonian youth choirs from 17 countries participated in the event.

The beautiful tri-colour Estonian flag waved with pride.

Despite the rain on Saturday and the cancellation of the second show, some dancers decided to carry-on and did a spontaneous performance at Freedom Square. 

Performers range from the age of 7 - 27 years.

The song and dance festival is a truly wonderful Estonian tradition dating back to 1869. In 2019 we will see some more amazing performances at the adult version of the festival. 2019 will mark the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festvial 

If you missed this year's song festival, you can watch it here: