Sunday, 8 April 2018

Kamille Saabre: Apples are like Estonians

Estonian artist Kamille Saabre recently completed a series of paintings dedicated to Estonia's 100 birthday. Each apple painting is accompanied with a short story and is symbolic of Estonia and its people. 

So why apples? The artist explains:

'Apple, for me, is Estonian national fruit. Every Estonian has a memory associated with the apple or apple tree. Traveling through Estonian countryside one notices apple trees in most peculiar places. In the middle of desolate field, by the road or even in the forest. That is how you know, once there has been someone's home, house or farm. Even when the buildings are long gone, apple tree still stands. And not only stands, but bears fruit. Apple tree does not give up easy. Here is a similarity to Estonians. Despite of hard times, tough circumstances, painful events, Estonians do not give up easy. As a nation and as a individual. Each of us has a scratch, spot or taint, but despite all of that we persevere. Stubbornly withstand. Just like the apple tree.'