Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Estonian Book Recommendation: "Eesti Vabariik - Maa, Rahvas, Kultuur."

In honour of Estonia's  95th birthday, TEA/DK Publishing have released a wonderful new reference book about Estonia's history entitled Eesti Vabariik - Maa, Rahvas, Kultuur. (Estonia Republic - Earth, Nation, Culture).

Eesti Vabariik - Maa, Rahvas, Kultuur is a valuable reference book that provides a comprehensive overview of Estonia's history from the first inception of independence to present day Estonia. With over 700 photos, statistical tables and geographical maps it really is one of those books that every Estonian should have in their home.

More information can be found at:
You can also browse a few pages of the book here are well.
Eesti Vabariik - Maa, Rahvas, Kultuur can be ordered online and shipped internationally.