Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Estonian Independence Day 2013 in Pictures

What a wonderful time I had in Tallinn for Independence Day this year! I went shopping and stocked up on my favourite Estonian food and was relieved to discover I wasn't over with my luggage allowance when the time came to return to the airport. (Last time I was 6kg over!)

On Independence Day we had the perfect weather we had hoped for. I was a bit worried on Saturday as the sky looked drab and grey but when I woke up on Sunday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful big blue sky and sunshine. It really was ideal conditions for everyone to gather to enjoy the Independence Day parade.  I watched the parade with my cousin Jaanus, we found a good vantage point on the slope looking down upon Freedom Square. It was great seeing people waving flags and showing national pride. It was a really lovely day.

Naturally I took loads of photos -  I always do! Can't help myself! Here are some of my best ones.