Saturday, 2 March 2013

Twenty Estonian Proverbs

I'm quite fond of proverbs and inspirational quotes. Here are twenty Estonian proverbs you may or may not have heard of.

1. The roots of an old tree are always strong.

2. Beauty does not fill your tummy.

3. Who does not thank for a little will not thank for a lot.

4. A poor beggar is the one who begs without a bag.

5. He who takes pains will get things done.

6. Sometimes silence is the proper answer.

7. There is no room for two kings in one castle.

8. Wasting time is stealing from oneself.

9. Who cannot be trusted with small things cannot be trusted with big things.

10. Earth is more precious than gold.

11. May your face be as ice.

12. Who works hard will feel no hunger.

13. Who is burnt once is afraid of fire.

14. Patience makes all hardships light.

15. Barking dogs don't catch hares.

16. Who asks a lot will get wiser.

17. Make fun of the man, not of his hat.

18. The mouth is the interpreter of the heart.

19. Who does not jump into water will not learn to swim.

20. Age comes from yourself.