Friday, 13 September 2013

Valli Baar - A Unique Place to Drink in Tallinn

Tallinn is full of interesting and unique hotspots but when it comes to nightlife, the Valli Baar is undoubtedly in a class of its own.  Standing at a modest 61.4 sqm and comprising of only 21 oak bar stools, the Valli Baar is the only bar in Tallinn that has its original 1960s interior, a feature owner Valli Kaseorg proudly says will never change because customers love it that way!

The Valli Baar is one of those places that once visited, silently entices you to return. It has an atmosphere teeming with life; a unique blend of music, talk and laughter that always leaves you walking away with a high. Every night musicans can be heard playing in the corner, sometimes it's the piano accordian, violin or guitar and patrons can sing along if they know the words. What makes Valli Baar unique is that these musicians are not paid to do what they do, they are fellow drinkers with their BYO instruments meaning anyone can join in and play if they want.

Valli Baar is the only place in Tallinn where you can buy the cocktail "millimallikas" (Jellyfish) in fact it's their house specailty, they invented it. No one really knows the exact recipe to millimallikas but it doesn't matter, it attracts people from all corners of the globe to come and try it. But buyer beware, millimallikas is not for the faint hearted; it's strong and usually needs to be washed down afterwards with a bit of apple or orange juice. Everyone should try millimallikas at least once, it always brings a smile to the face - either to yours or the person you're drinking with! It's quite something.

Valli Baar attracts a certain type of drinker; the loyal local who can be seen there every week as well as the curious tourist eager to try something new. One thing is for certain however, Valli Baar is here to stay. It has been placed under heritage protection by the Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department in order for future generations to enjoy.

Located at Muurivahe 14

Millimallikas (Jellyfish)