Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Estonia's Longest Nature Trail Now Extended to 820 km (510 Miles)

Estonia's State Forest Management Centre (RMK) has recently opened a new 192km (119 miles) section of of the country's longest nature trail. The trail stretches from western to southern Estonia and is now 820km (510 miles) in length.

"The trail consists of mostly old paths and recreation areas, but we have also built new roads and stopovers," said Margo Rammo of the State Forest Management Centre.

The newly opened section takes hikers from Peraküla on the western coast to Aegviidu in northern Estonia. The first 628km (390 miles) section from Aegviidu to Ähijärve in the country's south was opened two years ago.

Peraküla, the start of the 820km hiking trail.

The trail passes many Estonian landmarks such as the singing sands of Nõva and Keibu, Rummu quarry with its turquoise waters and the ruins of medieval Padise monastery.