Saturday, 13 June 2015

New! Sleeping Pods Now Available at Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport is the fifth airport in the world where these Finnish innovative GoSleep Pods are available. Pods have already welcomed been at airports around the world, providing users with privacy and silence 24/7 in the midst of passenger traffic.

GoSleep Pod is a specially designed, stylish and sleek chair for tired passengers in need of rest, which can also convert into a bed. Hand luggage can be placed under the seat during use, and a moveable, breathing curtain hides the passenger from the noise and light of the airport and from the gaze of other passengers.

GoSleep Pod provides a perfect place to rest among the bustle of the airport - and at Tallinn Airport it is completely free of charge. The chairs have USB and mains chargers, so computers and cell phones can also gather power for the onward journey. “As is usual with innovations, GoSleep Pod was born from a need - in this case the need for sleep,” says Jussi Piispanen, the Managing Director and Esko Koikkalainen, the Chairman of the Board of Short Rest Solutions Oy.

“When travelling, we have often had to sleep between flights on plastic benches or on the floor at various airports. This gave rise to the idea of developing a more comfortable alternative for passengers. There are always thousands upon thousands of people at the world’s airports with no chance of getting the restful sleep that they need. GoSleep Pod allows you to work or sleep in your own private and quiet space,” say Koikkalainen and Piispanen, describing their invention.

Try them out in Gate 8 and see for yourself how comfy they are. The creators of the product refer to them as cradles, where you can rest peacefully. Let us know how you like them.