Friday, 27 January 2017

A look inside the Estonian Seaplane Harbour Museum / Lennusadam Meremuuseum

During my recent trip to Tallinn I set aside a few hours to visit the Estonian Seaplane Harbour Museum. This museum has an excellent reputation and often appears in travel guides as one of Tallinn's  'must-see' attractions. The Seaplane Harbour Museum opened in 2012 and has indoor and outdoor exhibitions. 

The Estonian Seaplane Harbour Museum is one of Tallinn's best
interactive museums. There is lots to do for people of all ages.

Go on-board and explore the Lembit submarine.

Built in England in 1937, the Lembit submarine is one of the few
submarines to have survived intact from the pre-WWII era.

The lighting sets the nautical mood. 

The museum is extremely informative.

Have fun dressing up in naval attire.

Estonian Naval uniforms.

Estonian boat ruins.

Learn about old Viking traditions.

Key attractions.

List of exhibitions.

The Estonian Seaplane Harbour Museum will be closed for renovations from 30th January - 28th February 2017.  

The museum is located at: Vesilennuki Tee 6, Tallinn. Website: The Estonian Maritime Museum

Normal opening hours are 10.00–18.00 (Tue–Sun).