Monday, 16 January 2017

Estonia ranked 11th most competitive country in the world

Estonia has achieved an excellent result in the 2016 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index conducted by SolAbility. Now ranked 11th in the world Estonia follows closely behind its Scandinavian neighbours who top the list.

The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index (GSCI) aims to evaluate the ability to sustain wealth creation. It is based on a competitiveness model that incorporates all pillars of sustained growth and wealth creation: natural capital availability; national governance (the framework in which all players operation - the outcomes of policy directions and investments, e.g. the availability of infrastructure); intellectual capital (innovation and business capabilities); resource efficiency, and social cohesion. The Sustainable Competitiveness Index also integrates data trends over time to allow for a better expression of future development potential.

Based on these factors each country is given a score out of 100. This year Estonia achieved 11th place with a score of 53.6 while Sweden topped the list with a score of 60.9.

Scandinavian countries dominated the top spots.

To read more about the report, please click here: Global Sustainable Competiveness Ranking 2016