Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Cool new Estonian invention - Playluggage!

Playluggage is a new Estonian brand of bags and suitcases aimed at renewing the industry and offering high quality products. Playluggage not only wants to create luggage, they want to give customers a travel companion that will provide exceptional functionality accompanied by stylish artwork and entertainment at a reasonable price. In addition to its core function and distinctive design, Playluggage creates the possibility of playing various traditional games whilst travelling. Their products are extremely durable, multifunctional, stylish and entertaining. Playluggage is for the distinguished traveler and families living active lifestyles.

Playluggage is a trademark and founded by Hanno Remmel who broke his suitcase during a trip to Barcelona. He started to discover possibilities to create his own unique luggage brand which would provide more fun whilst travelling. With a great team by his side, this outstanding luggage concept has received lots of attention in international media, including BBC, CNBC and various travel magazines.

Cool innovative designs!

You can learn  more about Playluggage from this video presentation.