Sunday, 13 April 2014

Estonian Russian Speakers Petition Against Separatism | News | ERR

I was very happy to read this today.

Estonian Russian Speakers Petition Against Separatism | News | ERR

Here's the statement in full.

''We, signatories and Estonian residents - citizens of Estonia as well as other countries, and also permanent residents without citizenship - watch the events in Ukraine with pain and concern.

We would like to say with all responsibility that our wish is to solve all the problems of Estonian society with the legal authorities of the Republic of Estonia. We do not need protecting from the outside, we think intervening with Estonian politics by third countries is unacceptable.

We do not support separatist feeling and statements made on the behalf of the Russian speaking community of Estonia. All issues regarding the development of our society, including education, language and citizenship policies, must be solved according to the principles of the sovereignty of the state.

Regardless of mother tongue and nationality, the majority of people living here consider Estonia their homeland. We think it is valuable that although we stand on separate sides of the ideological barrier, we consider it our duty to say collectively, our home is an independent and free Estonia!''