Saturday, 12 April 2014

Russian extremists try to stir up trouble in Tallinn but locals have no interest in separatist movements

Two pro-Kremlin demonstrations are due to take place in Tallinn this month. The first took place outside the Russian embassy in Tallinn today and the second is scheduled for next Sunday. The attempts to sow tensions in Estonia will prove to be unsuccessful as locals perceive the organisers of these events simply as troublemakers.  Such demonstrations have failed to rattle, impress or surprise ordinary Estonians.

No-one with with a functioning intellect living in Estonia has any desire to join Russia for one very obvious reason - life is far better in Estonia. The higher standard of living, ability to move freely within the EU, economic and political freedom and lower level of corruption in Estonia is what will always make settled ethnic Russians loyal to Estonia. To them, Estonia is home and Russia is the land of their ancestors. Even if you cross the border at the easternmost point into Russia, it's plain to see the dramatic drop in road and building conditions and you're immediately confronted with an oppressive vibe. Who would choose to be a part of that? Russia is still a country very much stuck in its totalitarian past and is yet to catch up with the modern world. The mere fact they still use rent-a-crowds at rallies pretending to be locals and stirring up trouble is a relic from the Soviet era and Estonians (whatever their ethnic background) are not fooled.

ERR news reports more on the demonstrations in Tallinn -