Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Estonian Film 'Flowers From the Mount of Olives' Features in the European Union Film Festival

Heilika Pikkov's documentary 'Flowers from the Mount of Olives' will be screening at the European Union Film Festival in Toronto on Monday 24 November 2014 at 6pm.

Right alongside Jerusalem, in a Russian Orthodox Convent in Mount of Olives, lives the 82 year-old Estonian nun Mother Ksenya. Although inside the convent's cement walls the clock is never set and life still follows the Julius calendar, the 20 years that Mother Ksenya has spent there have passed by in a flash. In the hierarchy of the nunnery she has now achieved the second-to-last level. She is heading towards complete silence, the Great Schema. But before that she has been given permission to tell the story of her life for the very last time.

Film: http://www.eutorontofilmfest.ca/index.php/component/zoo/item/flowers-from-the-mount-of-olives?Itemid=101

The European Union Film Festival will be held in Toronto, 15-30 November 2014. This year marks the 10th anniversary. You can download the programme here: European Union Film Festival

Further information about Flowers from the Mount of Olives can be found at: http://www.silmviburlane.ee/docs/flowers-from-the-mount-of-olives/3/flowers-from-the-mount-of-olives