Sunday, 9 November 2014

Head Isadepäeva! Happy Father's Day!

Today in Estonia and in other Nordic countries such as Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden people will be celebrating Father's Day - 'Isadepäeva'.  To all the fathers out there I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

In honour of Father's Day, here is an Estonian article that was published this morning by Delfi.
12 Qualities That Make a Man a Good Father

This is one of my favourite childhood photographs of me with my father. It was taken in the late 1970s - which should explain his hair! He has always been such a fantastic father. The very best! Ma armastan sind! 

Children are going to be quite busy in Estonia today as it's not only Father's Day but Mardilaupäev, the eve of Mardipäev (St.Martin's Day). In the evening children will dress up, carry lanterns then go door knocking and sing songs in return for sweets. It slightly resembles what  children do on Halloween in other countries. Traditionally, the children are known to bring good luck on this day but if you refuse them don't be surprised if your cattle or animals get sick! More information about Mardipäev can be found here.