Friday, 7 November 2014

New Book 'The Ordinary Estonian' Provides a Snapshot of Modern Day Estonians

A fascinating new book was released today capturing the pulse of modern Estonian life through the eyes of over 300 Estonians who contributed their own stories.  Estonian authors Helen Ree and Karin Nemec collected these stories through crowdsourcing and social media channels to explore the Estonian psyche and what makes the nation tick.  From reading this book, readers will gain a better understanding of what Estonians like, what they do in their spare time and what's important to them.  The book carries its message with hundreds of high quality pictures and is laced with humour.  Foreigners will learn much about this unique nation in northern Europe and Estonians will laugh out loud as they recognise themselves in the pages.

Through researching this book, the authors discovered just how steeped in nature Estonian culture still is, the richness of life in rural areas and the longing Estonians have to get back to their roots.

This book is definitely one to add to your Christmas list. It's already on mine!

A copy of The Ordinary Estonian can be purchased here.