Monday, 24 November 2014

Kadripäev -:- An Annual Tradition in Estonia

Today is the eve of Kadripäev or St. Catherine's Day as it is often known in other countries. Estonians love to celebrate their holidays on the eve of special days and like other holidays such as Christmas, Jannipäev and Mardipäev, Kadripäev is no exception. Traditionally Kadripäev is a women's holiday and Mardipäev (St. Martin's Day) was reserved for men. Both holidays are very similar in nature and see people dress up and go from door to door singing, dancing and playing music in return for small gifts. These days it is children who keep this tradition alive and excitedly go from door to door. 

Here's a cute Kadripäev video I found on YouTube. I always find Estonian choral music so enchanting.