Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Estonian Independence Day 2012

This year I experienced my first Estonian Independence Day in Tallinn. Usually I celebrate at my local Eesti Maja but this year I thought I'll go direct to the source - Tallinn. My great great uncle Paul Lestal fought in the War of Independence and I thank him and his fellow soldiers for giving the Estonian people the gift of freedom. Sadly 5000 Estonian men lost their lives during this war; every soldier was a volunteer with a deep love of their homeland.

This year a dawn service was held at Freedom Square and celebrations continued throughout the day. It was great seeing people carrying Estonian flags with pride. I guess on this day we can forgive young men walking the streets drunk at 9am - after all it's Independence Day!!!

Below is a photo taken from the first ever Independence Day celebration in Tallinn in 1919.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Best Estonian Songs at Eurovision

I love Eurovision, I watch it every year. People in the UK think it's a bit of joke but I appreciate it for what it is, a bit of light entertainment. Estonia's had some great entries over the years and these are my favourites.