Friday, 31 October 2014

Where to Buy the Estonian National Costume

For some time now I have been searching for places that make or sell the Estonian national costume (rahvariided). Often while I have been in Tallinn I've wandered the streets hoping to come across a shop that sells such fabrics but it is not as easy to find as I originally thought. Traditionally, people used to make their own national dress but these days most households don't own a loom and therefore need to rely on others to produce the garments for them.

I've been advised that a full Estonian national costume could cost up to 1500 Euros to make. It may seem like a lot of money but when you consider the amount of work that goes into making one, it's well worth the investment.  It's yours for life and you can pass it down to future generations as is the custom.

If you're like me and have found it a bit difficult locating these suppliers, the list of contacts below might be of interest to you. Fabric is generally priced at 55 -145 Euros per metre.

Traditional Estonian fabric can be purchased from here:

Kodukäsitöö oü

PDF contact list of people who make the Estonian national costume.

                 Järva-Jaani, Järvamaa                                    Reigi, Läänemaa

                   Tarvastu, Viljandimaa                               Setu, Petserimaa

                      Pühalepa, Hiumaa                                            Muhu

The Estonian National Costume Album was published in 1927 by the Estonian National Museum. You can download the free e-book by clicking on the below link.
The Estonian National Costume Album

Next year, a new course will start in January teaching students the art of making the Estonian national costume. Details can be found here:

Additional reading - The Estonian Folk and Art Craft Union