Thursday, 24 February 2022

Happy Independence Day! Head Iseseisvumispäeva Eesti!

Today we celebrate the 104th anniversary of our beloved Estonia. While Estonians home and abroad will be rejoicing in their freedom, no doubt our thoughts will be with our friends in Ukraine who are fighting for their country's very existence. Elagu Eesti! Elagu Ukraine!

This poem "The Song of the Homeland" was written in 1920, soon after Estonia won the The Estonian War of Independence.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Tallinn to launch free Museum Sundays in March

Starting on 6th March 2022, visitors will be able to enter Tallinn’s museums free of charge on the first Sunday of every month. Free Museum Sundays is a practice common to many cities in the world and soon it will be available in Tallinn too. Tallinn is known to have one of the highest number of museums per capita among European cities, museums play an important role in preserving Estonian culture and documenting the country's history.  

From March 6, the Museum Sunday programme will include all branches of Tallinn City Museum:  

Tallinn City Life Museum (Vene Street 17)

Photo Museum in the former Town Prison (Raekoja 4/6)

Tallinn's first community museum in Kalamaja (Kotzebue 16)

Miiamilla Children's Museum in Kadriorg (Koidula 21c)

Peter I House Museum (Mäekalda 2)

Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum with bastion walkways (Komandandi tee 2)

Tallinn Russian Museum (Pikk 29a)

The three Tallinn Literary Museums in Kadriorg will also be part of the programme: Vilde Museum (Roheline aas 3), Tammsaare Museum (Koidula 12a) and Tallinn's newest museum, the Mati Unt Museum (L. Koidula 17).

Friday, 18 February 2022

Award-Winning Short Film "Wildflower" Starring Kristi Roosmaa

Inspired by real-life events,“Wildflower”centres around an immigrant woman struggling to make a heartbreaking choice while pursuing her life-long dream of “making it” as a professional singer in New York.

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Kelly Sildaru wins first medal at the Olympic Games for Estonia


Nineteen-year-old Kelly Sildaru has made Estonia proud by winning bronze in the Women's Freeski Slopestyle in Beijing  This is Estonia's first Winter Olympic medal in this event. At previous Olympic Games Estonia has performed well in cross-country skiing. Congratulations Kelly!

Sunday, 13 February 2022

A few ideas for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and if you are wondering what to write in your card to that special person in your life, here are a few ideas.

Minu südames on vaid ruumi ühele inimesele – sinule.
There is only room in my heart for one person - you.

Meie armastus on kui hea vein. See läheb ajaga ainult paremaks.
Our love is like a good wine. It will only get better over time.

Maailma jaoks võid sa olla keegi, aga minu jaoks oled sa kogu maailm.
You can be someone to the world, but to me you can be the whole world.

Armastada – see ei tähenda vaatamist teineteise silmadesse, vaid vaadata üheskoos sama teeraja poole.
To love is not to look into each other's eyes, but to look together on the same path. 
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Millest iganes ka hinged loodud ei ole, minu ja Sinu omad koosnevad samast asjast. 
Whatever souls are created, mine and yours are made up of the same thing. 
(Emily Brontë)

Kas tahad teada, kui suur mu armastus Sinu vastu on? Loe kokku merelained ja saadki vastuse! 
Do you want to know how much my love for you is? Count the waves of the sea and get the answer! (Jaapani ütlus)

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

A look inside Tallinn's Raeapteek

2022 marks the 600th birthday of the Raeapteek. It's the oldest continously running pharmacy in Europe. Today, Tallinna Televisioon aired this special news story (in Estonian) of this historic building.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Former Soviet Republics: Which are the Richest and the Poorest Countries?

Very interesting. Estonia number one. After fifty years of Soviet occupation Estonia has achieved much since restoring its independence and economic prosperity.

Source: World Bank, IMF.

Saturday, 5 February 2022

26 Estonian Athletes to Compete at the 2022 Winter Olympics

The opening ceremony of the XXIV Winter Olympics took place in Beijing yesterday. Freestyle skier Kelly Sildaru and cross-country skier Martin Himma were Estonia's official flag-bearers. Twenty six Estonian athletes will take part in the games.

 Opening ceremony.

The Winter Olympics run from 4 - 20 February 2022.

Estonia's team:

Kelly Sildaru - Eva-Lotta Kiibus - Aleksandr Selevko - Kristjan Ilves - Marten Liiv
Johanna Talihärm - Tuuli Tomingas - Regina Oja - Susan Külm - Rene Zahkna - Kalev Ermits
Raido Ränkel - Kristo Siimer - Aveli Uustalu - Keidy Kaasiku - Kaidy Kaasiku- Marko Kilp
Alvar Johannes Alev - Martin Himma - Henri Roos - Tatjana Mannima- Kaitlyn Vesterstein
Tormis Laine - Artti Aigro - Kevin Maltsev

Friday, 4 February 2022

UNESCO in Estonia: Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists encompass living cultural expressions – knowledge, skills, customs and traditions – that give people a sense of belonging and have been passed on through the generations.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Tartu Peace Treaty signed 102 years ago today

After difficult negotiations, the peace treaty between the Republic of Estonia and Soviet Russia was signed on the 2nd of February 1920. The treaty ended the Estonian War of Independence that had lasted for nearly a year and a half, and was one of the first major achievements in the field of international relations for the young Estonian state.

The Tartu Peace Treaty was signed by Jaan Poska, chairman of the peace delegation, who said: “Today is the most important day of the past 700 years for Estonia, because today, for the first time, Estonia alone will determine the future fate of its people''.

Russia recognised Estonia’s independence unconditionally and in perpetuity.

Elagu Eesti!