Sunday, 17 July 2011

Interesting Facts About Estonia

Estonia has two Independence Days - February 24th when Estonia first declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1918 and August 20th when independence was restored in 1991

Jõgeva is known for being the coldest place in Estonia. Its lowest recorded temparature was  −43.5 °C

Kiiking is an Estonian sport invented by Ado Kosk in 1996

The cornflower is the national flower of Estonia

Estonia was the first country in the world to introduce a flat tax system and online political

Skype was invented in Estonia

Estonia is the least religious country in the world followed by the Czech Republic

Up until Estonia fully adopted the Euro in January 2011,  Paul Keres was the only chess grandmaster in the world to feature on a banknote, on the 5 Estonian kroon note

Estonia won The Eurovision Song Contest in 2001 with their song "Everybody".  The following year Estonia became the first ex-Soviet country to host Eurovision and many doubted the country's ability to put together a successful show. However, Estonia proved its skeptics wrong and the contest proved to be a great success.