Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saku Beer Crowned World's Best Strong Porter

A beer from Estonia’s Saku Brewery has been crowned a "world's best" style winner at the World Beer Awards in London. Saku Porter took top honours for the Strong Porter style in the Stout & Porter category late last week, beating out a much stronger-by-volume Canadian beer.
Saguenay Criminelle (10 % ABV) was praised for "big body and booziness" but Saku Porter was hailed for a "full and rounded mouthfeel."
The other European winners for the styles in the Stout & Porter category were from Britain, Ireland and Denmark. Several of them were defeated by entries from Oregonian breweries, and Deschutes's the Abyss, an imperial stout from Oregon, was picked the overall world's best in Stout & Porter.
"Leatheriness", which is presumably a very good quality, was mentioned no less than twice in the evaluation. Saku's product (alcohol 6.9 % by volume) was described as having a "very nice vineous aroma, leathery. Full and rounded palate, beautifully sweet, complex yet light and fresh. Great mouthfeel, very moreish. Good length with more leather on the finish."