Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is undoubtedly my most favourite time of year. I love decorating my home with all the different ornaments I have accumulated over the years, cooking delicious treats and buying gifts for my beloved family. I love nothing more than seeing the look of delight upon their faces when they open their gifts and it's clear I have chosen well (such a relief!).

This year is the second consecutive year I will be away from my family at Christmas. It's hard. Coming from a large family I'm used to a big celebration, lots of laughter, fun and games etc. Whatever I do this year will be so much quieter in comparison.  There was a big family gathering at home yesterday, a pre-Christmas party and everyone was there apart from me.  It was great to see everyone on Skype, having fun and enjoying themselves but it really made me miss them all. More so than usual.

Christmas really is the time of year when you need to reach out to those you love and let them know you care. Sometimes we may not say the words "I love you" out loud as often as we should; we might assume it's understood but the truth is, it's always good to hear. Everyone wants feel loved, valued and cherished and hearing those tender words really does warm a person's heart.  So to the special people in my life - (you know who you are!) I love you all, very, VERY MUCH! And to everybody else - Merry Christmas!