Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kalev confectionery restored its historical business name AS Kalev

Kalev confectionery, which has been operating under the business name “AS Kalev Chocolate Factory” in recent years, re-adopted its historical name “AS Kalev”.

“We have dropped the foreign words from Kalev’s business name in order to simplify the name and make it easier to pronounce in the Estonian language. For Estonians, Kalev is still “Kalev” and abroad we are also known primarily by the name “Kalev”. The change has to do only with the official business name; Estonia’s most appreciated trademark “Kalev” will remain with the products in its existing form,” said Kaido Kaare, CEO of AS Kalev.
The undertaking, which has been using the trademark “Kalev” since 1962, operated as AS Kalev Chocolate Factory from 2006, when the divisions producing chocolate and sugar confectionery were separated from the parent company.
According to AS Nielsen, a market research company, AS Kalev’s market share from December 2011 to January 2012 was 40.5 percent, having thus increased by 2.1 percentage points during one year.