Monday, 27 March 2017

Help space exploration by supporting ESTCube-2's crowdfunding campaign

After the successful launch of the ESTCube satellite in 2013, the team are now in the process of developing technology for the new ESTCube-2.  Help support this worthy endeavour and contribute to science by donating to their new crowdfunding campaign!

The development team are currently building ESTCube-2, a CubeSat three times the size of ESTCube-1, that will be sent to low Earth orbit. This is perfect for testing a 300 m long E-sail wire, or so-called tether. The revolutionary E-sail can give the satellite a push to move faster in the Solar System, but can also work as a brake in the Earth’s magnetosphere. On ESTCube-2 the team will use the E-sail as a plasma brake that can bring the satellite down faster and therefore help to mitigate the space debris. Space debris is a dangerous phenomenon. If we leave all the old and non-operational satellites to orbit the Earth and keep sending new ones up, then in 50 years the Earth will be surrounded by so many satellites, that safely accessing space would be become a lot more difficult. Technology developed on ESTCube-2 could be the solution!

The team are planning to complete ESTCube-2 in 2018 and launch it into space in 2019. The timeline is tight and they want to have the satellite completely finished in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. With your support, we could give this small but courageous country a one-of a-kind present – a high-tech satellite!

For more information and to watch the fundraising campaign video, please click here: ESTCube-2