Monday, 2 July 2018

12 facts about Estonia's national football team

While the world is currently football crazy over the world Cup, I thought I'd take a moment to pause and take a look at Estonia's national team. It would be great to one day see them play in the Wold Cup tournament.

Here are 12 facts about Estonia's national football team:

1. Estonia's first international football match was held against Finland in 1920 ending in a 6–0 defeat.

2. Estonia has only competed once in the Olympic Games. That was in 1924.

3. After Estonia regained it's independence in 1991, it's first FIFA recognised match was against Slovenia on 3 June 1992. The match was held in Tallinn  resulting in a 1–1 draw.

4. Estonia has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship. 

5. In 2012 Estonia reached the UEFA Euro qualifying play-offs, later losing to Ireland.

6. Ever two years Estonia participates in the Baltic Cup championship. Estonia has won the tournament 3 times.

7.  The team's biggest win took place in Tallinn on 26 July 1928 with a 6–0 win against Lithuania.

8. Their biggest defeat was on 11 August 1922 with a 10–2 loss to Finland.

9. Andres Oper holds the record for most goals  (38).

10. Martin Reim  holds the record for the most caps (157).

11 Ragnar Klavan is team captain.

12. Estonia's current FIFA ranking is 94. In 2012 it was 47.