Monday, 12 November 2018

Tallinn's Christmas tree has arrived!

Every September Tallinn City Council runs a competition in search of the perfect Christmas tree to place in Tallinn's Town Hall Square. The tree must meet the following criteria, it should be between 15 and 18 metres long, symmetrical and have dense leaves. Ideally the tree should grow in an open place, far from electric wires for easy removal.

This year's winning tree comes from Tallinn's Kristiine district. Last Thursday the spruce left its former home in Kibuvitsa Street and made its way to the Old Town.  The Christmas tree will now be the centrepiece of the Tallinn Christmas Market for all to enjoy.

Tallinn was the first city in Europe to have a public Christmas tree. It is a tradition that dates back to 1441. The journey of the Christmas Tree can be viewed on Vimeo.