Monday, 7 January 2019

A look inside the Estonian National Museum

In October 2016 the Estonian National Museum opened its doors at its new location in  the former grounds of Raadi Manor in Tartu. In May last year I visited Tartu with my sister and we explored the new premises. We were very impressed!

Entrance of the Estonian National Museum.

An excellent collection of folk costumes are on display.

Each parish is represented. 

The garments are divided into seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring.

A truly wonderful exhibition!

One of great features of the museum are the information screens.
You can change languages with ease.

One of my favourite exhibitions in the museum is the language centre.
Here all the Estonian dialects are represented.

When you walk in the room it is full of lights and buttons representing each parish.
When you push a button to a particular parish, the spotlight shines on that region 
and you  can listen to a person speaking with that dialect. 
You can also hear all the different dialects spoken all at once - that's Estonia!

The Estonian vowel machine.
Simply press the pedal to listen to the correct pronunciation of each vowel.

Practice makes perfect!

Estonian history in pictures.

This book of parish colours is a great keepsake. It was written by a staff member of the museum.
The Estonian National Museum is a must-see when in Tartu. 
I'm looking forward to returning soon!