Friday, 7 February 2020

The most popular boys' names in Estonia

My sister recently announced that she and her husband are expecting their SEVENTH child. Thinking she was done at six, I was quite surprised by the news as it is rare for a couple to have so many children these days. My sister already has her hands full raising two boys and four girls, running the school's parents committee and caring for injured animals through her role at WIRES. Her house is always full of activity. The last time I visited she was caring for a baby kangaroo, five ducks, numerous lorikeets and a blue-tongue lizard! 

It has been revealed that my sister is expecting a little boy, due on the 27th of June. The amazing thing is, my sister's second eldest son celebrates his birthday on June 26 so there is a real possibility that these two future brothers could share the same birthday, even though they were born 14 years apart!

She is currently in search of baby names and naturally I will be suggesting Estonian ones! All her daughters' names begin with the letter 'L' and I've been told she currently favours boys' names beginning with 'J'.

According to the latest figures released by the Estonian statistics office, in 2019 there were 13,897 children born in Estonia. The most popular names for boys were; Robin - Hugo - Oliver - Rasmus - Martin - Robert - Kristofer - Sebastian - Mattias and Mark. Karl and Jakob were also in fashion.

When choosing a child's name, people often look for meaning. Here are a few names I will be suggesting to my sister.

Jukka - (Estonian for Richard) means 'strong ruler'.

Kaarel - (Estonian for Charles) means 'man'.

Andrus - (Estonian for Andrew) means 'brave'.

Leks/Leksik - (Estonian for Alexander) means 'defender of man'.

Mikk -  (Estonian for Michael) means 'God-like'.

Arri - means powerful leader.

Koit - means 'dawn'.

But as my sister prefers names starting with J, I will be suggesting names like Jaan, Janek, Juss, Juhan, Joosep or Joonas.