Monday, 30 March 2020

8 ways to lift your spirits during the coronavirus pandemic

As the world winds down and goes into survival mode to combat the coronavirus it's easy to feel occasionally despondent with all the bad news we hear every day. Stockmakets have crashed, people have lost their jobs, the majority of shops have closed and the number of infections keeps rising. For humankind the coronavirus pandemic is a catastrophic event but for nature it has been a reprieve. With the halt of human activity, air pollution is at its lowest level in years, fish and dolphins can now be seen swimming in the clear canals of Venice and we are learning how fragile our existence is. Social distancing and self isolation are crucial at this time but do have some benefits. We are spending more time at home with our families and sleeping in a little longer each day as we don't have to get up early to communte to work.

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world we must be vigilant and do our best to protect ourselves and others. We are living in unprecedented times that require unprecedented measures. If the situation makes you feel overwelmed at times, or you feel bored at home, try shifting your focus onto something a little more pleasant to evoke a smile..

Here are eight ways to lift your spirits:

1. Indulge in your passion for music
Italy has been in lockdown for several weeks now and many Italians have shared on social media what they have been doing at home to pass the time. Some have sung from their balconies in solidarity whilst other play their instruments with pride. Itis s a joy for all to hear.

Mirko and Valerio play the violin while in quarantine in Italy.

2. Take a sauna
Estonians know the healing benefits of the sauna. It’s been an integral part of Estonian culture for centuries. Saunas not only make your skin feel great but are also good for respiratory and immune function and joint pain. You always feel cleansed after a good sauna session.

3. Make a conference call
If you feel a bit cut off from friends and family during this period of isolation, why don't you give them a call via video? Zoom and Google Meet can connect you with up to 20 people on one video call. It's a great way to stay in touch!

4. Go online and discover something new
The world is full of fascinating places yet we are often aware of only a fraction of them. An interesting place I recently read about is Shell Grotto in Margate, England The secret underground chamber with passageways was discovered in the 1800s but nobody knows who built it or when it was built. The underground lair was made with over 4.6 million shells.

5. Be creative!
Now that you are at home with extra time on your hands, it's a great opportunity to do that craft project you've been meaning to do. Whether its some form of art project, sewing, building or cooking. Just do it, no more delays!

6. Visit a museum - online via a virtual tour
One of the great things about our modern era is that so many things are accessible online. Why don't you choose a museum and explore!

7. Fill your home with postive vibes
People have been cooking a lot more since they have been in self-isolation and sharing photos of their culinary feats on social media. Cooking can be a real pleasure when beautiful aromas fill the air and accompanied by a glass of wine and music. Another thing that stimulates the senses is the use of candles. Light a few candles in your living room and kitchen and it is sure to make you feel good.

8. Watch cute koala videos
With all the gloom and doom we read in the media these days, take a break and read about something a bit more pleasant like how the koalas have been faring after the recent Australian bushfires. Many koalas have recovered from their burns and injuries and been released back into the wild. No matter what mood I'm in, good or bad, a cute koala picture makes me smile every time!