Thursday, 20 August 2020

Ilusat taasiseseisvumispäeva, kallis Eesti!

Today, Estonia celebrates the Day of Restoration of Independence. On the 20th of August 1991 Estonia restored its independence after nearly 50 years of occupation by the Soviet Union. Sadly, not every Estonian who fled the Soviet occupation or those who were forced to live through it, lived to see Estonia free again. Many passed away during those bleak years, longing for the freedom they once knew. I always think of my grandparents on this day, knowing how elated they would feel that Estonia was a sovereign state once more.

Freedom Singer Alo Mattiisen wrote this patriotic song “Sind Surmani” (You to Death) that is often performed at the Estonian Song Festival.

I would love to be in Estonia celebrating today but due to the coronavirus I am currently avoiding airports and flying at the moment. Instead I am in Warsaw with my brother and will have a celebrational drink tonight at dinner. Happy Restoration of Independence Day my beautiful Estonia!