Saturday, 5 September 2020

Help Fund the Solaride Project

 A team of ambitious and talented students from Estonia's top universities are working on a solution to target climate change by producing a solar car. They realised that lessening road traffic won't solve the problem but driving smarter will. Once built, the car will be tested in extreme conditions by racing 3000 km through the desert in Australia. The Estonian solar car will be entered into the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, racing alongside creations from some of the world's best universities. The teams will travel all the way from the north coast to the south coast of Australia. 

Solaride is a completely non-profit, student-run project, working to transform the transportation and renewable energy sectors in order to create a better future. They have the knowledge, but  don't have the resources. They need your help!

A fundraising campaign has been established on Hooandja to raise 20,000€ to build their engine. 

More information can be found on the campaign page Solaride: A solar car for people