Saturday, 3 October 2020

How to know you're a cool Estonian

Estonians are a unique bunch of people. With around a million ethnic Estonians living in Estonia and a further 200,000 scattered across the globe, it's almost like they all belong to an exclusive club.  Estonians are a close-knit nation who are determined to keep culture, traditions and language alive no matter where they live. Estonians may not consider themselves cool but in many ways they are - they know how to live, survive and thrive.

Here are ten ways to identity if you're a cool Estonian.

1.  You use your mobile phone to pay for virtually everything including parking, movie tickets, meals, even your Christmas tree while your're in the state forest.

2. You fly within the Schengen zone without the need of a passport, you simply use your ID card.

3. Can speak English perfectly as a second or third language.

4. You think blue, black and white is an excellent colour combination.

5.  Can identify and name most of the plants and animals in the forest.

6. Know the health benefits of a sauna and have one at least once a week.

7. Use Transferwise for all your international payments.

8.  Don't queue at polling stations. You vote online.

9. You love to sing folk music and are not ashamed to sing out loud.

10. You value and practise tradition despite the temptations and conveniences of modern life.