Wednesday, 9 December 2020

New Banned Books Museum Opens in Tallinn

A new museum has opened in Tallinn's Old-Town that specialises in censorship and promotes the free exchange of ideas. The museum, located in Munga Street, holds a collection of over one-hundred different titles that were banned from all over the world. The books are classified by country eg. Estonia, U.K, Russia, China etc, and also has a section dedicated to books that were burned. 

The museum was created by Joseph Maximillian, a Scot who has been living in Estonia for the past five years. He studied film and spent several years living in China. According to his website, the aim of the museum is to raise people's awareness of the long history of censorship and the importance of freedom of speech.

Most books in the museum can be viewed or purchased. The museum is open Friday-Sunday from 11am until 6pm at Munga 2 Tallinn. More information can be found here: Banned Books Museum