Friday, 25 November 2016

A pleasant weekend in Tallinn

I last visited Estonia in early September. I was there during the Tallinn Marathon weekend and managed to catch up with a few relatives, do a bit of shopping as well as watch some of the events. It was nice being in Tallinn whilst the marathon was on as the city was teeming with activity. As I walked through the streets I kept hearing announcements spoken in Estonian on the loud speaker, (not something I hear everyday) and it just made me feel good. It was a really nice weekend away.

Tallinn Marathon . Freedom Square.

Whenever I visit Tallinn I like to do something new. Over the years I have explored many wonderful places but there is still so much to see. For example, I have walked past the Town Hall building dozens of times but have never gone inside.  This time I did and it was well worth the visit.

Inside Tallinn's Town Hall

Tallinn's Town Hall building contains many finely crafted items such as tapestries, paintings 
and ornate wooden furniture. Really stunning.

Old meeting room.

Old visitors books. Tzar Nicholas II is mentioned.

St. Nicholas church is another place I  had yet to explore properly I have photographed the exterior of the building so many times yet never went inside. I can now tick that off my 'to do' list.

Now officially a museum, St. Nicholas church contains some of Estonia's 
most precious works of art. 

No trip to Tallinn is complete without a visit to Fat Margaret Tower and it's another one of those places I have walked past and photographed countless times yet never went inside. I made a point of doing so during this trip.

Fat Margaret Tower is now part of the Estonian Maritime Museum.
For a small fee visitors can explore the multi level museum then walk up to 
the roof level and gain a great view of the city and port.

I have visited the Danish King's Garden several times over the years but it was only recently that I became aware of its history. According to legend, this is the spot where the Danish flag fell from the sky during Danish invasion in 1219. This event turned the course of the battle in favour of King Valdemar II.

The Danish King's Garden is famous for its monk sculptures.

Interesting fact: every year on 15 July, Dannebrog or the Day of the Danish Flag 
is celebrated in the garden.