Tuesday, 19 December 2017

2017 Christmas Lunch at Sydney's Estonian House

It has been seven years since I have celebrated Christmas in Australia and now that I am back home for the holidays I am really looking forward to enjoying the festive season with family and friends! There are four Christmas parties I plan to attend this year and the first was a very enjoyable lunch at Sydney's Estonian House on December 16. It was great mingling with the local Estonian community once again!

Approximately 80 people attended the Christmas lunch this year.

Santa Claus (Jõuluvana) made an appearance.

I enjoyed a very tasty traditional Estonian Christmas meal.
The lunch included verivorst, pork, potatoes, cabbage and of course piparkook!

Estonian folk hero kalevipoeg watched over us all.

The mural of Kalevipoeg is a prominent feature within Sydney's Estonian House.

The next event I am interested in attending at Eesti Maja is the handicraft day on January 6. Should be good!