Saturday, 11 April 2020

Five things Estonians like to do at Easter

Now that Easter has officially begun let's take a look at how Estonians celebrate it. Estonia is no longer a religious country like it was prior to World War Two but it does observe ancient pagan traditions such as Easter. 

Here are five things Estonians like to do at Easter.

1. Paint eggs, decorate eggs, and eat eggs. Estonians like to make marbled eggs coloured by boiling them in onion skins.

2. Cook delicious desserts such as Pasha or kringle.

3. Send an Easter greeting card.

4. Play games. The two most popular Easter games in Estonia is the egg knocking game or rolling coloured eggs down an incline/ramp. If you manage to touch one of the other eggs. You win.

5. Some Estonians might go to church but for the majority prefer a nice family lunch with colourful table decorations.