Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Preserve your precious family photos

As we are all in lockdown due to the coronavirus, now is a good time to go through your old family photos and make sure they are in good order. The Photo Museum in Tallinn recently made a video showing different ways to preserve your precious family photos. They are absolutely worth preserving for the future generations.

One thing I would place great importance on in preserving photographs is to label them. On the back write the names of the people present in the photo and the location. Very often we have no idea who some of the people in our family photos are so it is best to provide as much information as possible for the generations to come.

Here is a photo of my great-grandparents (right) with my great-grandmother's family.

My great-grandparents (centre and right)

My great-grandfather with my great-grandmother, his brother (Hans Lesthal), 
sister-in-law (Annette Lesthal) and nephew (Ralf Lesthal).

My great-grandmother's cousins who worked for the Red Cross during World War One.

My grandfather Alexander with cousins from his mother's family.
Sadly I don't know any of their names.

Member's of my great-grandmother's family. 
I know few of these peoples' names.
That's why you need to write on the back of photos!