Sunday, 15 August 2021

How Estonia's postage rates compare to the rest of the world

With my summer holiday to Estonia drawing near, thoughts have crossed my mind about what the current postage rates are.  I have promised many postcards to relatives in Australia and Russia and I also want to keep a few stamps for myself. A quick look on the Omniva website revealed that the current price of sending a letter abroad from Estonia is 1.90€. This price applies to both postcards and letters weighing under 20g. 

Postage prices always seem to be on the rise and I am curious to know how Estonia compares to the rest of the world. When I was last in Australia I was shocked at how expensive sending letters had become. When I lived there in 2011, the price of sending a letter overseas was $2.20, now it's $3.40. In the UK, overseas stamps costs £1.70 but in Lithuania it's only 0.81€. From my recent trip to Venice I discovered that Italy has some of the highest postage rates in Europe. It cost me 3.11€ to send a postcard to Australia, I was quite taken aback at how expensive it was, however, the price was slightly cheaper within the Eurozone. Germany has very reasonable postage prices, a postcard to anywhere in the world costs 0.95€ and a letter is 1.10€. Across the Atlantic, stamps in the USA cost $1.15 for a postcard or three 'forever stamps'. This is a term unfamilar to me and anyone else outside of the USA but the price seems quite reasonable. All in all, Estonia's postage rates for postcards and letters seem normal compared to other countries. 

Just can't wait to be back in Estonia! Not long to go now!