Friday, 2 August 2013

Estonian Inspiration - "The Bank of Happiness"

The internet is a marvellous invention. It enables you to stay in touch with the people you love who may live miles away, complete important transactions expediently and above all provides access to education and knowledge which would otherwise be unavailable. It really does open up your world.

Last night I came across a new innovative website (Estonian - of course!) called "The Bank of Happiness". Essentially, it's a a goodwill website in which people can offer free services or advice to others with the aim of bringing a bit of sunshine into their lives.

The website was created by Estonian psychologist Airi Kivi aimed to help bridge the gap in society between human caring and economic well being. On her website Kivi says, 'many people want to help others but simply don't know how'. The answer can be found here. "The Bank of Happiness" can be used as the vehicle to reach out and help others. Many people offer services such as language assistance, relationship advice or even give free massages. The possibilities are endless and the benefit of doing a good deed brings happiness to both parties.

After reading about "The Bank of Happiness" I liked the premise so much that I signed up for an account straight away. It's exactly my type of thing. Now, all I need to do is think about how I could possibly contribute. I'm sure the ideas will come in time!

I'm sure many smiles and good thoughts will result from the "Bank of Happiness."