Monday, 29 July 2013

My Trip to Estonia in Photos

What a fantastic time I had in Tallinn! The weather was perfect, I had great company and saw many wonderful new things in the Estonian countryside. You can really achieve a lot in three days when you put your mind to it and I did! Naturally, I took loads of photographs of my trip. Take a look!

Inside the Raeapteek

Town Hall Square
Cute statue

Kiek in de Kök Museum

Tour of the KGB Museum in the Viru Hotel 

View of Tallinn from the KGB Museum balcony

Written on one of the doors of the spying rooms.
(Translation: "There's nothing to be seen here")


Estonian forest

Estonian forest

Wild blueberries

Not sure where I was, but I was here...

Kadrina Church

Inside Kadrina Church

Memorial to the soldiers who died during the Estonian War of Independence.

Crosses from Kadrina Cemetery

Kadrina Cemetery
Our family plot. 
This is where my great, great grandfather Alexander Otto Lesthal is buried.

Pariisi - or is that Paris in Estonia...

Saksi Manor

Viitna Tavern
Catherine the Great once stopped here on her way to Tallinn.

Song Festival Grounds

Can't wait till next time!